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To use the calculator below, enter the purchase price of the house in the top box.
Then enter the amount you intend to pay as a down payment as a percentage of the purchase price (and it will display the dollar amount to the right).
Select the type of loan you want in the 3d box. The choices are 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed, or a 5/1 ARM.
Then select the annual interest rate that you feel you will be able to get from the bank in the 4th box.
Next, you can click on the "ADVANCED" button to make adjustments to 3 variables;
    1.) Enter Property tax as % of the home's value (just enter the number and press enter. % is shown automatically)
    2.) Enter your home owner's insurance expense in dollars per year. (Again, just enter the number and press enter. the $ sign and the "/year
         will display automatically)
    3.) Enter your HOA (Home Owner's Association) dues as a monthly amount.
    4.) Note that PMI is not included in the calculation and you will have to add that amount to your payment calculation if Private Mortgage
         Insurance is required for your loan.
Then to close the "ADVANCED" box, simply click on the x inside of the black circle at the top right corner of the box.
You will then see your total monthly payment, followed by the breakdown of its parts. Again, PMI (insurance) shows as $0 and you will have to add that amount to your payment if it applies to you.
If you choose to click on the "Advanced Report" feature at the bottom of the box, a "hyperlink" will take you away from Rivermont Realtors web site, to a "Zillow" web site where there are a large number of items to choose from. In clicking the "Advanced Report", the link opens up an additional web page tab or window on your web browser. You can return to Rivermont's web page by closing out that tab on the top line of your browser.


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